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As with the widespread use of ice packs, one of the most common and most popular forms of therapy is the application of various forms of heat ranging from the warm hot water bottle to the electric blanket this comfortable form of therapy has been used by individuals for many years.


The local application of heat is recommended in many sub acute or chronic conditions to reduce pain and inflammation and increased blood flow and venous return.


Physiologic effects of heating


As with ice, the body's response to warming is consistent from patient to patient. The primary effects of superficial heating are:


-Increase blood flow


-Decreased muscle spasms


-Decreased pain






Moist Heat Packs



The application of moist heat is one of the most common of all physical therapies. Moist heat packs (hydrocollator packs) are used to relax patients, increase local and peripheral circulation, and reduce muscle spasm and tonicity. Commercially available heat packs consist of sand-filled bags that are kept in a water bath. The temperature of the water is maintained at a constant 100 degrees.

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