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Carpal Tunnel



Dr. CusimanoCarpal Tunnel Syndrome affects millions of people each year and has become an occupational health problem that is so widespread that there seems to be no end in sight. Computer overuse leads to irritation and sometimes entrapment of the median nerve as it passes through a tunnel from by the wrist carpal bones.


An injury of overuse such as typing, gripping, chopping, hammering, pushing and pulling are activities that can bring on carpal tunnel symptoms. Symptoms include: pain in the wrist, numbness (especially at night), burning, tingling, loss of grip strength and hand weakness. A proper diagnosis is key to proper treatment. Orthopedic testing and a nerve conduction velocity test (NCV) may be required to properly diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Therapies include: chiropractic adjustments of the carpal bones, nutrition counseling, ultrasound, stretching, strengthening and ergonomic counseling. Referral to a neurologist may also be necessary.


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