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Electrical Stimulation



The application of electrical current is one of the most useful of all the forms of physical therapy.


The therapeutic objectives for electrical stimulation include:


-pain relief

-tissue healing

-reduction of muscle spasm

-increased range of motion

-increased muscle strength

-reduction of swelling

-decrease myofascial trigger points

-decreased fibrous tissue and adhesions


One of the most widely used forms of electrical stimulation is the TENS unit. This sensory stimulation blocks Pain by closing the pain gate in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.


The use of electrical stimulation to reduce muscle spasm is an important adjunct to spinal manipulation. For instance, a patient who presents with an acute injury to the lower back may respond best to spinal manipulation. However, the presence of muscle spasms in the lower back may prevent any attempts at manipulation. In this case, electrical stimulation can be used prior to manipulation in an effort to reduce the muscle spasms and make the manipulative procedure more readily accepted.


One of the primary problems that develops in the early stage following an injury is fluid retention in the tissues surrounding the injured part. This may be particularly problematic in a dependent body part such as the ankle. Because fluid is typically moved by a process involving muscle activity (ie, muscle pumping), it may be helpful to use an electrical stimulation device to produce a passive muscle pump.


One of the most helpful applications of electrical stimulation is to reduce myofascial trigger points. Electrical stimulation may be the stimulus necessary to break the pain-spasm- pain cycle that is often associated with trigger points.


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